Monday, June 14, 2010

7.1-7.2 Belleza Souveniers

Keeping with my Belleza de Lugosa theme for Corperate ID and Branding, I made some other items that would belong in the giftshop. On the left is a stainless steal mug with the hotel logo engraved, as well as the wine glass on the right. Both used an opacity on several layers like the previous post. An emboss and luminosity setting was added. These were a bit easier to accomplish. How realistic do these applications look.

6.1 - 6.2 Belleza de Lugosa Men & Women's Wear

For this Corpereate ID and Branding we had to come up with a Costa Rican Resort. My Resort name is Bellez de Lugosa. In it souvenier shop it carries an assortment of men and women's clothing. For this design I used photoshop to enlay my logo on each hat, shirt, and shorts. I layered each logo, and used the opacity adjustment to blend the logo into each article of clothing. It took more time than expected because of the many layers, cutting, cropping and color matching.

Monday, June 7, 2010

5.2 Amalgamated Stationary

Keeping with the Amalgamated theme the next blog is simply a stationary for the Amalgamated Industries logo. It includes the business card designs and envelope. I kept each design very simple as I have a tendency to over complicate my designs. One of the cards is only in black and white to give another option in printing. Sometimes when adding color the costs of printing rises more than what the customer is willing to pay. Sometimes the customer will prefer the black and white design just because they like it better. In both instances the cards would have a emboss on a textured un-coated 80 lb to 104 lb cover paper.

5.1 Amalgamated Industries Inc.

This quarter all of our classes are beginning to run together. I have had to do three logos for three different classes. For Design Marketing we had to create a new logo for a company called Amalgamated Industries Inc. This company made widgets for other companies websites. To create the logo I first drew several thumbnails to get an idea. Once my instructor shot down two of them I cam up with this chevron based design. Using a number of layered transparencies I was able to add depth, and create new shapes within the logo. I'm hoping this is a good design for the companies own widget. I chose red and blue because they are not too flashy. I tried yellow and it did not hold up well with the transparency. As I'm writing this blog I think green would have also worked well.

4.2 Belleza de Lugosa

This is the revised logo for my resort Belleza de Lujosa. With the help of a fellow student I learned how to use the pen tool (which was much easier) I was able to render a more accurate production of my original illustration. I even changed the colors which I like much better than either of the previous color palettes. I also added a decorative "border" so to speak to give the the logo a more cohesive design. The colors I found at Adobe Kuler website.

4.1 Belleza de Lugosa Original

This was a logo I created in Adobe Illustrator for my Design Marketing class. This is for a resort in Costa Rica. I decided to use the hummingbird as the logo because the country has the highest number of different species in the world. Originally I scanned the illustration into the Illustrator. It did not turn out as expected. It was hard for me to re-draw the image. Instead of using the pen tool for the recreation, I used trace setting, and then used a paint fill setting to add color. It actually took quite a bit of time to do and the the lines where not as precise as I would like them to be. I think the first color palette (purple/green) works well with the tropical setting of the resort. The blue color palette is did not come out as vibrant as I hoped as the color on the computer monitor is very much different to the colors on paper. The darker blue came out too dark, and was hard to differentiate from the black and the light blue was too dusty. I think the font works well with the over all design.