Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3.2 Sailing Regatta

We create lots of posters in many of our design classes. For this one, as oppose to the previous blog we were only allowed to use pictures, no text. We were discouraged to use stock photography and were to only rely on our skills in Adobe Illustrator. We had different phrases to work from, this one was the sailing regatta. Creating simple shapes, using filters, and layering techniques I created this simple poster. I learned that it takes a lot of trial and error to master certain techniques to get the affect you want. I had to filter this poster several time in order to get this soft "airy" look. I hoped it would convey the message "Come Sailing." What do you see or feel when you look at this poster?


  1. I featured you on both my blogs. Perhaps it will send some traffic, input and opportunities your way

  2. when I see your image I think of relaxation. I liked how you used soft pastels.